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Recently I have ventured into different areas of image making. Often combining photography and mark making. Using a variety of medium like acrylic, pencil, charcoal, water colour and ink. The whole being an area of exploration building on my many years experience in the creative industries.

These images can be viewed under the heading Abstract in the Galleries Menu.
Digital images printed to 30cmx30cm on Archive paper using pigment inks can be viewed by appointment, or purchased online.

Black Rain Image
Black Rain

Exhibition July 2017

For the month of July I will be showing a selection of my Façade Photographs at the Scicluna Deli, 3 High Fisher Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1QZ. The exhibition space is managed by a couple of artists together with Josie Scicluna who owns and runs this fabulous shop which stocks every ingredient known to mankind, as well serving excellent coffee in the café/exhibition area. All work is for sale with 10% going to charity. Open 8am -6pm daily, closed Sunday

A selection of images can be viewed in the Print Gallery above or visit Art at The Deli

Lots of lovely stuff to be found here !!!

I have been a photographer for many years. Supplying both commercial and personal photography. Within the last few years I have worked from my studio and ventured into printmaking, drawing, painting and carpentry. This web site is to showcase samples of my work and and should you wish, make online purchases from my shop.

Clumber Park

This amazing structure is referred to as an Insect Farm. Which is located at Clumber Park